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"If we can keep getting work until we die, I think we’ll always be together. I can’t think of anyone else besides these seven people." [x] [x] [insp]

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Happy 3rd Debut Anniversary, Kisumai!

It’s a blessing to have seven people who can understand each other, and the seven of us will probably always be together even until we die. - Tamamori Yuta

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Tama being an S to Miyata.

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Because we see ourselves in them.
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i did a thing

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jesse win!!


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The Unwritten Rules of Johnny’s Musical Chairs


1. If all chairs are gone, do not hesitate yourself from sitting on another Johnny.


2. When an ungrateful kouhai steals a chair from you:


3. When you can’t tell who is the winner of the chair, decide the results with Goseki Janken.


4. When it’s 12->1, Miyata always win.


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”Soy como un libro. . Aparentemente aburrido. Fácil de echar a un lado. No te das cuenta si está o no ahí; pero una vez que lo abres, te das cuenta, por cada página, que escondo un secreto, que no soy como pensabas, y que soy mucho mejor de lo que las personas me quieren echar abajo. Que tengo magia, que tengo imaginación, que estoy llena de inspiración y llena de acertijos, que soy un misterio, pero no lo sabes, porque soy esa clase de libros que nadie lee.”

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"The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki. Yes, that has a nice ring to it." -Jiraiya   (✗)|(✘)


"The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki. Yes, that has a nice ring to it."
-Jiraiya   ()|()